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Over the past year RATIFY ERA-NC has collected hundreds of names and email addresses of individuals expressing support for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. We are checking in with you to determine your continued interest and possible involvement as people across North Carolina work to become one of the final two states needed to ratify the ERA. RATIFY ERA-NC is an information hub for the Equal Rights Amendment. It is a clearinghouse of resources about the ERA, including topics such as history, research, positions, community education actions, and legislative activity. It is a public education source through its website and Facebook page.It is a nonprofit corporation registered with the NC Secretary of State. It is not a membership organization, but it does solicit donations (not tax-deductible) to support the work. It is volunteer-led and seeks additional volunteers across the state to participate in collecting and posting local, regional, statewide, and national information. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

Are you interested in receiving information about the ERA?

If yes, please indicate how often:

Is this email address still the best one to use to stay in touch with you about the ERA? If no please provide us with a current email in the space below:

Are you interested in participating in an Action Team in your congressional district to develop ways to inform your district about the need for an Equal Rights Amendment and to build support for its ratification?

Which Congressional District you live in?

What volunteer activities can you offer to Ratify ERA NC?

If you chose "other" for ways you can help, what do you have in mind?

Are you interested in attending a statewide meeting of ERA allies to build our network and share ideas?

We appreciate your making the time to give us feedback.  Please add any other comments or suggestions in the space below:

Thank you for taking our survey! This movement is just the first step. Please encourage others to join us at Ratify ERA-NC in the fight for full citizenship for women under the United States Constitution!

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